This is why we fight…


Welcome to the real Red Line!

Over the last eight years, Republicans have been gaining majorities in counties across the nation. The map above demonstrates the red-ness of the United States. Not only did Republicans add to their margins in red counties we also picked up counties that solidly voted for Barack Obama.

Look at how the Red Line translates to the government of our United States:

  • 2/3 of all state Legislatures are Republican
  • 34 Governorships are Republican
  • US Senate is majority Republican
  • US House of Representatives is majority Republican
  • Our President is Republican
  • And this past election, the Supreme Court was saved from DECADES of far left liberal philosophy by Republicans

That’s what a Red Line looks like…Republican!

Our fight here in King County makes a difference across the state, too. Millions of dollars are raised here for Republican party and campaign activities in Washington State. In King County, our candidates are the best of the best, which means the Democrats must spend their dollars here AND in other counties and legislative districts. Our way of making sure Democrats spread their wealth! Our strong county party organization holds the line against the liberals, as part of a the larger state party effort doing an amazing job pushing back Democrats to turn Washington State RED.