PCO Newsletter and Thanksgiving…


In 2015, the KCGOP began a PCO Newsletter exclusively for PCOs and PCs with a report from the KCGOP Chair about important happenings at the county party and what was in store for us in the coming months. Also included was a WSRP update from our State Committeeman, Mathew Patrick Thomas and State Committeewoman, Darlene Hamilton; a report from the KCGOP Executive Director; and a Calendar. It has been a positive addition to our communications. All previous newsletters are stored on the PCO Portal along with other important tools and documents.

Today was the last PCO Newsletter for the term. It was about being thankful. In the rough and tumble of politics it is important to take a moment, to pause and reflect on what is good…

PCO Newsletter November 23, 2016

One of the hats I wear is “Head Cheerleader” of the King County Republican. It’s a hat I wear with gusto because I believe the Republican Party represents the values to best guide our government and our communities. I am proud to be a Republican and have been grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Chair.

As I sit at my desk today, on this day before Thanksgiving, it seems to me a right time to reflect on what is good in our world and to share my Republican thankfuls with you.

  • I am thankful…for your service to the KCGOP. Being a Republican in King County brings challenges few other Republicans outside our county understand. Republican PCOs in King County are the hardest working, most dedicated Republicans anyone will ever know. You are the best!
  • I am thankful…for our outstanding Republican candidates. There are no easy races in King County for Republican candidates. There is never a sure thing for us. It is not uncommon for a race here to be won or lost by a few hundred votes.
  • I am thankful…additionally, that our amazing candidates force the Democrat Party to campaign in King County rather than use King County as an ATM for their races in other counties. Every ounce of energy or dollar spent here means the democrats must “spread their wealth” a little thinner.
  • I am thankful…for our Republican elected officials who work to represent Republican Party values in our government and in our laws. Not only is getting elected tough, BEING elected can be even tougher.
  • I am thankful…for the unbelievably dedicated staff of the KCGOP – Arthur Whitten, Sarah Sheedy and Jazmine Hand. When they came to work at the KCGOP, all three pledged to serve through this past election and have lived up to their promise. They will be leaving at the end of this month. I wish them the very best.
  • I am thankful…Republicans hold 2/3 US Legislatures, 34 Governorships, a majority in the US Senate and House of Representatives, that we elected a Republican President with the power to nominate Supreme Court candidates who will preserve the court for generations to come.

Most of all, I am thankful for the blessings we enjoy in the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America.

Happy Thanksgiving