The Homestretch


November has been a very busy month.

Most people think the election ends on Election Day. Not so in our state. Immediately following Election Day, the KCGOP began Ballot Rehab operations in the 5th and 30th Legislative Districts. The margins in the 5th Senate and 30th House races were tight. Helping our voters who have problems with their returned ballots is a sure way to pick up additional votes. It is also very labor intensive. Although we did not fix enough ballots to change the outcome, both Chad Magendanz and Teri Hickel came very close. Any other year we would be celebrating their victories.

Also in November, the 45th Legislative District and the KCGOP met to recommend appointees for the Senate vacancy due to the passing of Andy Hill in that district. After much organization, the meeting took place November 19th, the next weekend after Senator Hill’s memorial service. The Candidate Selection Committee chose three names, in the following order: Dino Rossi, Toby Nixon and Joel Hussey. The County Council has scheduled a meeting to decide the appointment on December 5th. In a little over a months time, the KCGOP will have a Senator ready to get to work in Olympia.

Finally, with KCGOP Leadership elections have been on the horizon, those of us running for party office visited all districts at four regional meetings to share our vision for the next term. Last evening was the final meeting in Auburn. Thank you all for your hospitality and interesting conversation over the last few weeks.

Now we are in the homestretch where we will meet this Saturday to form the organization and elect the leaders for the next two years…for our great party, the King County GOP.

See you there!