I ask for your vote this Saturday


Re-Elect Lori Sotelo KCGOP Chair

December 1, 2016

Dear Fellow Republican PCO,

Congratulations on your first day of the 2016-2018 Term as a King County Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer!

Two years ago, I pledged if elected Chair I would continue to build on the programs we had worked so hard to put in place. I also pledged to you that I would work on three specific areas:

Improve Candidate Support

My first act last term was to convene the KCGOP Candidates Committee to survey Republican Candidates and Electeds to hear their ideas about the elements of successful campaigns, according to their experience. From their discussions, the committee created Campaign in a Box which included important ideas about organizational planning, communications, finances and budgets, and voter contact. The project was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee, as was an endorsement process which provided for Pre-Primary election endorsements, when candidates really need the guidance and support of their party. Candidates Committee interviews candidates and provides their report to the Executive Committee which makes endorsements.

The Candidates Committee is also tasked with district recruitment of candidates for the 2017 City and County Council elections, and 2018 Legislative races. Every District has a seat on the Candidates Committee.

Grow our Financial Strength

Our party is in sound financial shape. This past year, I am pleased to report to you the KCGOP had historic revenues this year at more than $1.1 million dollars for a total of over $1.6 million dollars this biennium. Our fundraising was so strong the KCGOP will cover the cost of the Organization Meeting for PCOs this year in appreciation for your hard work.

Building on our past fundraising success, the King County Republican Party made new partnerships to raise funds for projects and individual candidates. Successful fundraising is about trust. The donor community trusts the King County Republican Party because of our reputation of being good stewards of their investment in our party.

Voter Outreach

The KCGOP Voter Outreach is respected throughout the state. In the last term, we out did ourselves. The King County Republican Party knocked on 107,000 doors, made 180,000 phone calls which resulted in 28,225 new voter identifications this past year alone.

Additionally, your county party

  • Funded and operated 3 phonebanks which were available to all endorsed campaigns.
  • Made available to PCOs, activists and candidates a variety of canvassing applications, which include TRC, FLS and L2, which are used to update our voter database.
  • Mailed slate cards FOR OUR CANDIDATES to 152,000 republican households in every district in king county
  • Tripled our GOTV spending, at $400,000 it was more than any year in our party’s history.

We have accomplished what we set out to do, and so much more. Also noteworthy, are improvements to our communications and education programs for our members and our grassroots.

  • For Republican Members we now have regular email membership communications, as well as Facebook and Twitter activity.
  • To better communicate with Precinct Committee Officers we implemented a monthly PCO Update from your Chair, State Committee and Staff with a Calendar.
  • We have the best trained PCOs and activists in Washington State because of new PCO Orientations, Canvassing Exercises, Precinct Caucus and Convention Trainings, Social Media Training.
  • We also implemented a PCO Portal, which is like a bulletin board for PCOs with all necessary documents, trainings, past newsletters and even a discussion board.

The King County Republican Party is a strong, organized county party. We are an important part of a strong, organized state party. Next year, we must defend our Senate seats in the 45th and 31st in a special election. The balance of the Senate will be determined in King County…we will be ground zero, with all eyes will be on us. Strong county party leadership will be key.

Looking ahead to the next term, big things are on the horizon. Nationally Republicans have 2/3 of the state legislatures in the United States, 34 Governorships, a majority in the US House and Senate, and we just elected a Republican president which will save our Supreme Court from generations of liberal decay.

It has been my honor to serve as your chair these past two years. We’ve done great things. I have some great ideas for the next term and I can’t wait to get started.

I ask for your vote this Saturday.


ps – Please contact me with any questions you may have at via phone or email or my website.

Your endorsement is appreciated!