What Republicans are saying about Lori Sotelo…


Bill Bryant
2016 Governor Candidate

“King County needs a leader who can continue building an organization focused on winning. Lori understands that building a King County machine is critical to not only electing Republicans in King County, but also to electing officials statewide. We need a chair who has that understanding. Lori does. I fully support the re-election of Lori Sotelo as King County Chair and look forward to working with her over the next two years.”

Kathy Lambert – PCO 45
King County Councilmember
3rd Council District

“I would like to recommend Lori Sotelo to you for re-election to the important role of King County Party Chair.  Lori does an excellent job and represents the party well.”
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Joe Fain
Washington State Senator
47th Legislative District

“King County Republicans in the legislature have had no greater ally that Lori Sotelo. She leaves no stone unturned in working to protect and expand the gains we have made in King County these past few years.”

Mark Miloscia – PCO 30
Washington State Senator
30th Legislative District

“When I left the Democratic Party, KCGOP Chairman Lori Sotelo welcomed me into the true “Big Tent Party” with open arms. She also provided my campaign with more resources than I was ever afforded from the King County Democrats. I enthusiastically endorse Chairman Sotelo for reelection and I urge you to vote for her on December 3rd.”

Pete Lewis
Former Mayor Auburn, WA
King County GOP Advisory Board

“I endorse Lori Sotelo. She is not only an incredibly, dedicated person but she has been extremely effective in her position.”

Hossein Khorram – PCO 48
King County GOP Finance Committee

Join me to endorse and re-elect KCGOP Chair Lori Sotelo this Saturday! Chairwoman Sotelo has led the KCGOP through good and bad times, in one of the most liberal counties, with distinction and honor.

Saul Gamoran
Ted Cruz Campaign
Washington State

“I am pleased to endorse Lori Sotelo for another term as King County Republican Party Chairman.  I believe the party in King County, one of the largest Democrat-leaning counties in the United States, has made great strides under Chairman Sotelo’s leadership.”

Colleen Morse
Former WSRP Committee Member and Treasurer

“One of my deepest regrets now that I’m no longer active on the WSRP is the time I miss with Lori. She has served King Co GOP with excellence, as well as the WSRP. I endorse her re-election and hope those eligible to vote will give her their strong support.”

Ruth Peterson
Lewis County
Republican Activist and Past Chair

“We have a one vote majority in the Senate. It is the only reason we do not have an income tax, onerous firearms regulation, and many other laws that are opposed to Republican principles. The terrible loss of Senator Andy Hill puts that one vote margin in jeopardy, and the election this year is critical.

Lori is a veteran of hard-fought campaigns, and she has a network of relationships established that will help us fight for that seat. I do not live in King County, but the entire state will be affected by the election this year, so we all have an interest in who will hold the 45th District.

You need to elect Lori, because she has the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running, focusing on getting another Republican elected in 2017. That has to be Job 1 for King County in 2017. (and you will get help from a lot of us in other Counties, as well, Lori!)”

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