A Message from Kathy Lambert


Kathy Lambert
King County Councilmember
PO Box 1138
Woodinville, WA 98072

November 22, 2016
King County Republican Party

Re:  Chair Lori Sotelo

Dear Friends,

I would like to recommend Lori Sotelo to you for re-election to the important role of King County Party Chair.  Lori does an excellent job and represents the party well.  She handles the media with great skill and diplomacy.  Her quotes are clear and well thought out.

Lori is a great organizer.  She runs meetings efficiently and does the advance planning to make events happen smoothly.  She brings people together to get things done in a collaborative fashion.  She is a realist and knows what people are capable of doing and shows respect for each person’s abilities.

Lori gives of her time and talents very generously.  She is available to people all over the county and is there to help work through issues on all levels.  She knows the rules and can give insights to districts as needed.

I think her calm nature, steady hand, leadership abilities, poise in dealing with the media, and ability to work well with everyone are valued attributes for the party.  Having her talents has been a great asset to the party and we need to keep her steady leadership.

So, I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect our county party chair Lori Sotelo.

Kathy Lambert