Lori Sotelo: Political Resume


Since being elected a Precinct Committee Officer in 2002, I have been committed to serving the Republican Party how ever I thought I could make a difference. Learning the ropes as a PCO gave me the foundation to take on various duties within the party. As the Chairman of the King County Republican Party I am primarily responsible for administration and fundraising for the fourteenth largest Republican County organization in the United States.

WA State Republican Party:

  • State Central Committee Member March 2008—Present
  • Bylaws Committee 2010-2012, Vice Chair 2015-2016
  • County Chairs Committee, Chair 2011—2014
  • Rules Committee 2008 – 2012
  • Convention Pages/Intern Committee Co-Chair 2012
  • WSRP Platform Committee Member 2006, Co-Chair 2012

King County Republican Party:

  • Chairman March 2008—Present
  • Sr. Vice Chairman 2004—2008
  • Treasurer 2004—2005
  • GOTV Chair 2005
  • Platform Committee 2004, Chair 2006 -2008

41st District Republicans:

  • PCO 2002-Present
  • Picnic Committee/Host 2003-2007
  • Teller 2004—2008
  • Other positions: Vice Chair, Treasurer, Auction Committee

Caucus and Conventions Delegate:

  • Precinct Caucus 2002-2016
  • 41st District Legislative Caucus 2002—2016
  • King Co Republican Convention 2002—2016
  • WSRP Convention 2004—2016, Delegation Chair 2008—2016
  • RNC Convention 2008—2012, Guest 2016
Lori Sotelo

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